Friday, February 22, 2013


Teaching and planning classes has taken time away from painting lately.  I've been framing and getting ready for the exhibit for the dance project as well.  There are a few more pictures to post though....

Detail of Pastel-the Nutcracker

Oil Detail- Before the performance
Before the perfomance
 Oil Detail- Before the performance
  Oil-Clara and Fritz-the Nutcracker
 Oil detail- Clara and Fritz-the Nutcracker
 Pastel-Le Corsaire Ballet
 Detail  Pastel-Le Corsaire Ballet
Pastel-Ballerina Resting


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait for the show to see them all in person.

  2. Beautiful! Effective use of color, line, and background. A good lesson in progression from sketch to variations.

    Yesterday, I bought an iPad app called "Pocket Body". It is intended mainly for medical students. It was promoted by the April 2013 issue of the Artist's Magazine for anatomy drawing practice. $21.36 including tax.
    You will need high speed internet service to download the app. It took forever with Verizon broadband.

    What it does is allow you to view an anatomical model from several different positions, and explore the structure layer by layer. Click on a colored pin, and you get the definition of the muscle, skeleton, nerve, vein or artery, its function, and implications for medical treatment. Turn the model around with a stylus or your finger, and you can work out various poses for a drawing.

  3. Love these beauties!! You are soaring!! Would it be alright to share this on my facebook?

  4. Thank you all for the comments, I so appreciate them.
    Dave, that sounds like a very useful app.
    Maryann I would love for you to share this blog. Thank you!
    Elisabeth, I'm so happy that you will be at the reception and exhibit.