Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art in Motion

The fall class catalog is out for Semester 1 of the Minnesota Conservatory For The Arts and I am excited to be offering two workshops for the new visual arts department.  The workshops are called Art in Motion, Drawing a Powerful Still Life.  You can download the new catalog or find out more about visual art classes at this link.

The drawings from the workshop will be exhibited during the Nutcracker performance n the Ben Miller Lobby at the Page Theatre in December 2012.  We're going to have fun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

July into August

July has flown by filled with unseasonable heat and some special visitors.

Sunday brought the AS IS (Artist Salon In Session) to my house in Winona.  What a wonderful day with deepening on topics that effect our lives and art, doing an art project together and lots of great food and visiting.  I was the "inspiring artist show and tell" but got more from the wonderful support of all of the others than I could ever inspire them.  Photographers, writers, painters, actually all kinds of artists from Il, WI and MN.  The only websites I have here to post of some of the artists are Cathy Missaghi and Nancy Wong  It was a more than lovely day together.  Thank you all!


I have fallen behind in my projects with this insane (in many ways) last month. but I've started a series of pastel veges and fruits.  Yes! it's that time of year where the tomatoes are beautiful next to the tall glossy basel and the cucumbers are plentiful. Still getting enough snow peas to make it worth going out early to munch on them while scanning the garden for pests and newly arrived vegetables to harvest, seemingly overnight.