Saturday, June 16, 2012

June brings Kids Arts Camp...more ballerinas...and a landscape thrown in for good measure

June gave me an opportunity with two other artists to be a part of Winona's first Art Camp for kids.  A joint venture between the Minnesota Marine Art Museum and the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts.  The week began with learning to draw using lines to make texture, ellipses into vessels and on to still life drawing all in the AM.  The afternoon brought portraiture.  The rest of the week was print making and book making.  The kids worked hard all week with the artists and it showed.   

 These are some self portraits they did using mirrors.  Aren't they awesome!  I love that one of them went for a 3/4 view and did a beautiful job!

A charcoal still life using props from the Nutcracker Ballet.  Clara's nightgown, pointe shoes, tiara and a rose.  
 Young dancers waiting in the wings to perform.
Our backyard, tea time.


  1. WONDERFUL, Are you Ballerina pics pastel or oil...such gorgeous color!

  2. Thanks Cathy,

    The ballerinas are pastel and the backyard is done in oil pastel. The ballerinas are quite small. Trying to get used to acrylics too so sadly not much oil painting being done at the moment.