Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Figure Drawing in March

I thought I should post a few of the figure drawings from March before it comes to an end.  Most of the time we have from 15 to 30 minutes to work on a drawing.  Sometimes I wonder if I would know what I would do if I had a few hours to work on just one!

Also adding a painting I've been working on.  I found having so much full spectrum lighting in the studio has made this paining look much darker in normal room lighting.  So much to learn about painting in all conditions!  Here's to spring and learning, drawing & painting!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Remodeling & Spring Cleaning or March in Minnesota....

Hard to believe that we've had 70 degree weather in MN and that spinach, onions, parsley and carrots are up in the cold frame (leftover from last fall).  I'm not complaining, far from it.  The studio has some wonderful new equipment to go with the light box my son-in-law Riaz made.
 My new drawing bench, now I can move around the house with ease.
Light grid for moving spots around- I can see at last!  
My wonderful light box for lighting models with a natural light!
 Clean shelving for letting paintings dry.
A new and fabulous easel!  At last I can go BIG!
 Drawers to keep filled with soft pastels.
 Work table.
 2nd easel for smaller work.
My mirror to replace trying to back up in such a limited space!  Very helpful:)  Also fit a drawing table in as well.

No excuses with lots of area to start my new project, "The Art of Dance".  Yep, besides some teaching, plein air painting and a few other goals; I plan to work for the year on drawing and painting dance students at rehearsal and in productions from the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts.  Hope you'll check in once in a while to see how I'm doing and maybe cheer me on!?