Thursday, January 19, 2012

November, December....No January 2012!

Where did November and December go?  Lot's of time with family including a stay in the Twin Cities area awaiting the arrival of our beautiful new grandson Maxwell!  He joins Lua and Charles in holding a huge piece of my heart.    I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday time, I know I did.

There was also art being drawn and painted as well as going through older sketches to make room for the latest drawings.  Thought I would add a few of the keepers.

ballet model
student model with ear buds!
Life drawing continued through the months with a holiday break and being at the easel painting still lives which was both frustrating and fun.  I am still trying to continue the "tea cup" theme I began a couple of years ago.  One is a tea cup from China, a gift from a friend and the next has a pear and a cap my daughter brought back from her year in Kazakhstan.  The painting of books an attempt at painting a few of my favorites.  I'm not really happy with it but parts, like the blue/green satin covered one are okay.